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Next are listed the available references comprised within the subject Science-General. Select any of them for direct access to their bibliographical file. So as to expedite choice, title, publishing house and date of publication are included.

This section contains all those works dealing with science questions not included in other indexes.


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  2. Chemistry. Matter and Its Changes. James E. Brady, Joel W. Russell, John R. Holum. 2000. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  3. Comprehensive Mass Metrology. M. Kochsiek & M. Gläser (Edits). 2000. Wiley-VCH.
  4. Conversations on the Uses of Science and Technology. Norman Hackerman; Kenneth Ashworth. 1996. University of North Texas Press.
  5. Drawing Out Leviathan. Dinosaurs and the Science Wars. Keith M. Parsons. 2002. Indiana University Press.
  6. El Tiempo Imperfecto, En Busca del Destino y Significado del Cosmos. Paul Halpern. 1992. McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de España.
  7. Guns, Mortars & Rockets. M. P. Manson. 1997. Brassey's/Marston Book Services.
  8. Ilusiones Opticas. Stan Gibilisco. 1991. McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de España.
  9. Imagined Worlds. Harvard University Press. 1997.
  10. Informe Mundial sobre la Ciencia 1996. Howard Moore. 1996. Santillana / Ediciones Unesco.
  11. In Search of Lost Time. Derek York. 1997. IOP Publishing.
  12. Light Up Your Life. David Phillips. 1997. Portland Press.
  13. Micromegas. Del Dinosaurio a la Capa de Ozono. McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de España, S.A. 1993.
  14. Planet Ocean. Brian Bett. 1997. Portland Press.
  15. Principles of Geochemistry. Giulo Ottonello. 2000. Columbia University Press.
  16. Quest. The Essence of Humanity. Charles Pasternak. 2003. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  17. Science at the Bar. Law, Science, and Technology in America. Sheila Jasanoff. 1997. Harvard University Press.
  18. Science Firsts. From the Creation of Science to the Science of Creation. Robert E. Adler. 2002. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  19. Scientific Diving, A General Code of Practice. N.C. Flemming; M.D. Max. 1996. Best Publishing Company / Unesco Publishing.
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  25. The Truth of Science. Physical Theories and Reality. Roger G. Newton. 2000. Harvard University Press.
  26. Today's Science On File. William Allstetter (Managing Editor). 1997. Facts On File News Services.
  27. Computed Tomography. Fundamentals, Systems Technology, Image Quality, Applications. Willi A. Kalender. 2001. Publicis MCD Verlag/John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  28. Una Sustancia Llamada Comida. Cómo Superar la Adicción a Comer.
  29. World Records in Chemistry. Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger (Edit.); Rüdiger Faust; Günter Knaus; Ulrich Siemeling. 1999. Wiley-VCH. McGraw-Hill/Interamericana de España, S.A. 1991.


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