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Next are listed the available references comprised within the subject Aeronautics. Select any of them for direct access to their bibliographical file. So as to expedite choice, title, publishing house and date of publication are included.

This section contains all those works dealing with general questions related to aeronautics industry, airports, technology, etc.


  1. Aerospace Reconnaissance. G.J. Oxlee. 1997. Brassey's/Marston Book Services.
  2. Chronology of MX-324. HPM Publications. 1995.
  3. Computers Take Flight. A History of NASA's Pioneering Digital Fly-By-Wire Project. James E. Tomayko. 2000. NASA / Superintendent of Documents.
  4. Expanding the Envelope. Flight Research at NACA and NASA. Michael H. Gorn. 2001. The University Press of Kentucky.
  5. Facing the Heat Barrier: A History of Hypersonics. T.A. Heppenheimer. 2009. NASA.
  6. Geoffrey de Havilland. Legendary British Chief Test Pilot. HPM Publications. 1995.
  7. Innovation and the Development of Flight. Roger D. Launius (Edit). 1999. Texas A&M University Press.
  8. Jean 'Skip' Ziegler. Legendary American Chief Test Pilot. HPM Publications. 1996.
  9. Legal and Regulatory Issues of Computer Reservation Systems and Code Sharing Agreements in Air Transport. Editions Frontières. 1995.
  10. Realizing the Dream of Flight. Virginia P. Dawson & Mark D. Vowles (Edits.). 2005. NASA Glenn RC.
  11. Samolyot 346. The Untold Story of the Most Secret Postwar Soviet X-Plane. HPM Publications. 1996.
  12. Selected Examples of NACA/NASA Supersonic Flight Research. NASA / Superintendent of Documents. 1995.
  13. Toward Mach 2: The Douglas D-558 Program. J.D. Hunley (Edit). 1999. NASA / Superintendent of Documents.
  14. The Wind and Beyond. A Documentary Journey into the History of Aerodynamics in America. Vol. 2. Reinventing the Airplane. James R. Hansen (Edit). 2009. NASA.


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