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-Title: The Wind and Beyond. A Documentary Journey into the History of Aerodynamics in America. Vol. 2. Reinventing the Airplane.
James R. Hansen (Edit).
B/W photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
August 13, 2009.
-ISBN: 0160831563

Front Cover

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The airplane ranks as one of historyís most ingenious and phenomenal inventions. It has surely been one of the most world changing. How ideas about aerodynamics first came together and how the science and technology evolved to forge the airplane into the revolutionary machine that it became is the epic story told in this six-volume series, The Wind and Beyond: A Documentary Journey through the History of Aerodynamics in America.

Following up on Volume Iís account of the invention of the airplane and the creation of the original aeronautical research establishment in the United States, Volume II explores the airplane design revolution of the 1920s and 1930s and the quest for improved airfoils.

Subsequent volumes cover the aerodynamics of airships, flying boats, rotary-wing aircraft, breaking the sound barrier, and more.

(Extracted from the press release).



-Table of Contents.
-Introduction to Volume II: Reinventing the Airplane
-Biographies of Volume II Contributors
-Chapter 3: The Design Revolution.
-Chapter 4: On the Wing
-NASA History Series.


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