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-Title: The Magnetic Universe: The Elusive Traces of an Invisible Force.
J. B. Zirker.
The Johns Hopkins University Press.
B/W photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
November 18, 2009.
-ISBN: 0801893011

Front Cover

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Magnetic fields permeate our vast universe, urging electrically charged particles on their courses, powering solar and stellar flares, and focusing the intense activity of pulsars and neutron stars.

Magnetic fields are found in every corner of the cosmos. For decades, astrophysicists have identified them by their effects on visible light, radio waves, and x-rays. J. B. Zirker summarizes our deep knowledge of magnetism, pointing to what is yet unknown about its astrophysical applications.

In clear, nonmathematical prose, Zirker follows the trail of magnetic exploration from the auroral belts of Earth to the farthest reaches of space. He guides readers on a fascinating journey of discovery to understand how magnetic forces are created and how they shape the universe. He provides the historical background needed to appreciate exciting new research by introducing readers to the great scientists who have studied magnetic fields.

Students and amateur astronomers alike will appreciate the readable prose and comprehensive coverage of The Magnetic Universe.

(Extracted from the press release).



-1. Getting reacquainted with magnetism.
-2. The Earth.
-3. Sunspots and the solar cycle.
-4. The violent sun.
-5. The heliosphere: winds, waves and fields.
-6. The Earth's magnetosphere and space weather.
-7. The planets.
-8. Magnetic fields and the birth of stars.
-9. Abnormal stars.
-10. Compact objects.
-11. The galaxies.
-12. Something from nothing: seed fields.


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