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-Title: Time: From Earth Rotation to Atomic Physics.
Dennis D. McCarthy & P. Kenneth Seidelmann.
B/W and colour photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
December 15, 2009.
-ISBN: 3527407804

Front Cover

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Filling the need for a book that presents the current technology as well as the underlying historical and physical background, this publication informs scientists, engineers, and those interested in the foundations of modern timekeeping how precise time and frequency are made available for modern-day use. The authors draw on their longstanding research experience with timekeeping and high-precision measurements to describe the discovery of the irregular motions of the Earth, the development of mechanical and atomic clocks, the introduction of dynamical timescales, and the development of the study of the Earth's orientation in space. Also discussed are astronomical and satellite observations used to improve solar system dynamics and Earth kinematics along with the applications of the theory of relativity to the topics of timekeeping and time transfer.

Indispensable for high-precision measurements and applications in astronomy, space sciences, and geodesy, and relevant for physical measurements, navigation, and communication, this monograph can be used equally as a course book or as accompanying work at advanced undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

(Extracted from the press release).



-1. Time: Pre-Twentieth Century.
-2. Solar Time.
-3. Ephemerides.
-4. Variable Earth Rotation.
-5. Earth Rotation and Polar Motion.
-6. Ephemeris Time.
-7. Relativity and Time.
-8. Dynamical and Coordinate Time Scales.
-9. Clock Development.
-10. Microwave Atomic Clocks.
-11. Optical Atomic Standards.
-12. Definition and Role of a Second.
-13. International Atomic Time (TAI).
-14. Coordinated Universal Time.
-15. Time in the Solar System.
-16. Time and Frequency Transfer.
-17. Modern Earth Orientation.
-18. International Activities.
-19. Time Applications.
-20. Future of Timekeeping.


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