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-Title: The F. Landis Markley Astronautics Symposium.
John L. Crassidis, John L. Junkins, Kathleen C. Howell, Yaakov Oshman, and Julie K. Thienel (Edits.).
Univelt, Inc.
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
December 30, 2008.
Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, Volume 132.
0877035482 (hard cover).

Front Cover

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Proceedings of the American Astronautical Society F. Landis Markley Astronautics Symposium held June 29 to July 2, 2008, Cambridge, Maryland. The book includes a CD-ROM.

(Extracted from the Preface).




-Les sons Learned (AAS 08-281). F. Landis Markley.
-Estimation of a Brownian Motion by using Wavelet and a Multiscale Kalman Filter Bank (AAS 08-261). Roberto Alonso.
-An Adaptive Gaussian Sum Filter for the Spacecraft Attitude Estimation Problem (AAS 08-262). Gabriel Terejanu, Jemin George and Puneet Singla.
-Multiplicative Measurement Model and Single-Point Attitude Estimation
(AAS 08-263). Daniele Mortari and Manoranjan Majji.
-The TASTE Test (AAS 08-264). Malcolm D. Shuster.
-Regularization of Minimum Parameter Attitude Estimation (AAS 08-265). Luc Fraiture.
-Geometrical Relative Orbit Modeling of Satellite Relative Motion (AAS 08-266). Soung Sub Lee and Christopher D. Hall.
-Imaging Extrasolar Planets Via Formation Flying with an External Occulter (AAS 08-267). N. Jeremy Kasdin, Robert J. Vanderbei, David Spergel, Eric Cady and Rochelle Mellish.
-Steady-State Hierarchical Control for the Drift Correction of a Constellation in Highly Elliptical Orbits (AAS 08-268). Pedro A. Capó-Lugo and Peter M. Bainum.
-Tethered Coulomb Structures: Prospects and Challenges (AAS 08-269). Carl R. Seubert and Hanspeter Schaub.
-High Order Keplerian State Transition Tensors (AAS 08-270). John L. Junkins, Manoranjan Majji and James D. Turner.
-Coordinate Switching for Accurate Simulation of Chaotic Trajectories
(AAS 08-271). Mana P. Vautier and Andrew J. Sinclair.
-Optimal Low-Thrust Transfer in General Circular Orbit using Analytic Averaging of the System Dynamics (AAS 08-272). Jean A. Kéchichian.
-Generalized Linear Covariance Analysis (AAS 08-273). J. Russell Carpenter and F. Landis Markley.
-Generalized Bilinear System Identification (AAS 08-274). Jer-Nan Juang.
-Skew-Symmetric Algorithm for Inverting NXN Quaternion Equations using
NXN Real Variable Matrix Arithmetic (AAS 08-275). James D. Turner.
-On Simulating Randomly Driven Dynamic Systems (AAS 08-276). N. Jeremy Kasdin and Landis J. Stankievech.
-Hubble Space Telescope Magnetic Sensing System and Reduced Gyro Control (AAS 08-277). Eugene Skelton, Sun Hur-Diaz, Patrick Ramsey, Jim Seidel, Dan Smith, John Van Arsdall and John Wirzburger.
-Hubble Space Telescope Reduced-Gyro Control Law Design, Implementation and On-Orbit Performance (AAS 08-278). Brian R. Clapp, Patrick R. Ramsey, John H. Wirzburger, Daniel C. Smith and John C. Van Arsdall.
-Three Axis Control of the Hubble Space Telescope using Two Reaction Wheels and Magnetic Torquer Bars for Science Observations (AAS 08-279). Sun Hur-Diaz, John Wirzburger and Dan Smith.
-The HST SM4 Relative Navigation Sensor System: Overview and Preliminary Testing Results from the Flight Robotics Lab (AAS 08-280). Richard D. Burns, Bo J. Naasz, Steven Z. Queen, John Van Eepoel, Joel Hannah and Eugene Skelton.
-Generalized Wahba Problems for Spinning Spacecraft Attitude and Rate
Determination (AAS 08-282). Mark L. Psiaki.
-Additive Divided Difference Filtering for Attitude Estimation using Modified Rodrigues Parameters (AAS 08-283). Deok-Jin Lee and Kyle T. Alfriend.
-Decentralized Att tude Estimation using a Quaternion Covariance Intersection Approach (AAS 08-284). John L. Crassidis, Yang Cheng, Adam M. Fosbury and Christopher K. Nebelecky.
-On the Observability of the Spacecraft Attitude and Angular Rate Estimation Problem (AAS 08-285). Avishy Carmi and Yaakov Oshman.
-Asymptotically Optimal Attitude and Rate Bias Estimation with Guaranteed Convergence (AAS 08-286). Reid Reynolds, F. Landis Markley and John L. Crassidis.
-Error Analysis of the Rodrigues Vector Estimators using Two Direction
Measurements (AAS 08-287). Sergei Tanygin.
-Novel Stochastic Modeling and Filtering of the Attitude Quaternion (AAS 08-288). Daniel Choukroun.
-General Definition of Relative Misalignment (AAS 08-289). Mark E. Pittelkau.
-Rectify and Reflect: a Fast Optimal Quaternion Solution to the Two Vector
Observation Problem (AAS 08-290). Robert Bauer.
-They Do it with Mirrors — A Geometrical Derivation of the Euler-Rodrigues Parameters (AAS 08-291). Marco W. Soijer.
-Automatic Fault Tolerant Control System Design - With Application to Attitude Control Systems for Satellites (AAS 08-292). Jesper Abildgaard Larsen and Rafael Wisniewski.
-Adaptive Key Component Control and Inheritance of Almost Strict Passivity in Evolving Sys tems (AAS 08-293). Susan A. Frost and Mark J. Balas.
-The Relaxed State-Dependent Riccati Equation Technique: Concept and
Applications (AAS 08-294). Insu Chang, Sang-Young Park and Kyu-Hong Choi.
-The Lindstedt Solution for a Torque Free Rigid Body (AAS 08-295). Peter J. Melvin.
-The Other Leg of the Triangle – How Knowledge of Earth Orientation
Parameters Could Affect Earth Observing Satellite Missions (AAS 08-296). Nicholas Stamatakos, Brian Luzum and William Wooden.
-Hohmann-Hohmann and Hohmann-Phasing Cooperative Rendezvous Maneuvers (AAS 08-297). Atri Dutta and Panagiotis Tsiotras.
-Optimizing Periapsis-Raise Maneuvers using Low-Thrust Propulsion
(AAS 08-298). Brenton J. Duffy and David F. Chichka.
-Overparameterized Systems in Astrodynamics (AAS 08-299). John E. Hurtado and Andrew J. Sinclair.
-A Lunar Cargo Mission Design Strategy using Variable Low Thrust
(AAS 08-301). Young-Joo Song, Sang-Young Park, Kyu-Hong Choi and Eun-Sup Sim.
-Generalizations and Applications of the Lagrange Implicit Function Theorem (AAS 08-302). John L. Junkins, James D. Turner and Manoranjan Majji.
-Nonlinear Variable Lag Smoother (AAS 08-303). James R. Wright and James Wood burn.
-On the Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems (AAS 08-304). Aly Farahat and Ossama Abdelkhalik.
-Precision Orbit and Attitude Determination for ICESat (AAS 08-305). B. E. Schutz, S. Bae, N. Smith and M. Sirota.
-Relative Navigation for the Orion Vehicle (AAS 08-306). Chad Hanak and Renato Zanetti.
-Spacecraft Navigation using the Modernized Global Positioning System Signal (AAS 08-307). E. G. Lightsey and R. B. Harris.
-A History of the Description of the Three-Dimensional Finite Rotation
(AAS 08-308). Luc Fraiture.
-Heroics, Radars, and Flight Tests (AAS 08-309). Dave Sonnabend.
-Twenty-Five Years of INR (AAS 08-310). James L. Carr.
-The Evolution of Deep Space Nav i ga tion: 1989-1999 (AAS 08-311). Lincoln J. Wood.
-Appendix A: F. Landis Markley Symposium Attendees and Guests.
-Appendix B: F. Landis Markley Symposium Program.
-Appendix C: Publications of the American Astronautical Society.
-Advances in the Astronautical Sciences.
-Science and Technology Series.
-AAS History Series.
-Numerical Index.
-Author Index.


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