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-Title: Guidance and Control 2008.
Michael E. Drews and Robert D. Culp (Edits.).
Univelt, Inc.
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
October 15, 2008.
Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, Volume 131.
0877035458 (hard cover).

Front Cover

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This year marked  the 31th anniversary of the AAS Rocky Mountain Section's Guidance and Control Conference. It was held in Breckenridge, Colorado on February 1-6, 2008. Includes a CD-ROM.

(Extracted from the Preface).




-ISS Contingency Attitude Control Recovery Method for Loss of Automatic
Thruster Control (AAS 08-001). Nazareth Bedrossian, Sagar Bhatt, Abran Alaniz, Edward McCants, Louis Nguyen and Greg Chamitoff.
-Advanced AOCS Design for the Small GEO Telecom Satellite (AAS 08-002). Sten Berge, Jon Kronander, Emil Vinterhav, Peter Rathsman, Hendrik Lübberstedt and Peter Zentgraf.
-GPS Beyond LEO: Signal Environment System Design Considerations
(AAS 08-003). Lee Barker.
-New Earth Sensor Design and Performance (AAS 08-004). Franco Boldrini, Stefano Brogi, Elisabetta Monnini and Elena Tremolizzo.
-Control of Satellites with Minimum Number of Control Actuators (AAS 08-005). Jason S. Hall and Marcello Romano.
-Innovative G&C Solutions Enabled by New Generation of Sensors (AAS 08-007). L. Blarre, N. Perrimon, C. Pezant and C. Chalté.
-Autonomous Orbit Control Experience on TacSat-2 using Microcosm’s Orbit Control Kit (OCK) (AAS 08-008). Yegor Plam, Richard Van Allen, James Wertz and Thomas Bauer.
-GN&C Fault Protection Fundamentals (AAS 08-031). Robert D. Rasmussen.
-Under the Radar: Trials and Tribulations of Landing on Mars (AAS 08-033). Eli David Skulsky, Scott Shaffer, Erik Bailey, Curtis Chen, Ben Cichy
and David Shafter.
-Keeping Stereo on Course: Guidance and Control System Fault Protection (AAS 08-034). John W. Hunt, Jr., George J. Cancro, Daniel S. Wilson, J. Courtney Ray and Michael D. Trela.
-JWST Sun Protection (AAS 08-035). Judy Tillman, Satya Anandakrishnan, Delaram Gidanian, Henry Fu, Magdy Wahbah, F. Landis Markley, Peiman Maghami and Ken Lebsock.
-Building Fault Tolerance into NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (AAS 08-036). Stephen F. Andrews, Martin Houghton and Rick Saylor.
-Fault Detection and Correction for the Solar Dynamics Observatory Attitude Control System (AAS 08-037). Scott R. Starin, Melissa F. Vess, Thomas M. Kenney, Manuel D. Maldonado and Wendy M. Morgenstern.
-Proportional Helium Thrusters for Gravity Probe B (AAS 08-038). D. B. DeBra, W. J. Bencze, C. W. F. Everitt, J. VandenBeukel and J. Kirschenbaum.
-The Space Environment and its Effects on Space Systems (AAS 08-041). J. E. Mazur, J. F. Fennell and P. O’Brien.
-Implementation of Revitalized Parts, Materials and Processes Standards and Specifications (AAS 08-042). David C. Meshel and Pedro A. Encarnación.
-Enabling Robust and Reliable Spacecraft Function (AAS 08-043). Philip D. Hattis and Bradley A. Moran.
-Vacuum Sensitivity of Annealed Proton-Exchanged Integrated Optical Circuits (AAS 08-044). Russell Lipeles and John Coffer.
-Engineering Analysis of Guidance and Navigation Performance in the Uncertain Lunar Environment to Support Human Exploration (AAS 08-046). Kyle J. DeMars, Robert H. Bishop, Timothy P. Crain and Gerald L. Condon.
-The Evolution of Deep Space Navigation: 1962-1989 (AAS 08-051). Lincoln J. Wood.
-Radiomet ric Tracking for Deep Space Navigation (AAS 08-052). James S. Border, Gabor E. Lanyi and Dong K. Shin.
-A Brief History of Optical Navigation at JPL (AAS 08-053). W. M. Owen, Jr., T. C. Duxbury, C. H. Acton, Jr., S. P. Synnott, J. E. Riedel and S. Bhaskaran.
-XNAV for Deep Space Navigation (AAS 08-054). P. Graven, J. Collins, S. Sheikh, J. Hanson, P. Ray and K. Wood.
-New zons Navigation to Pluto (AAS 08-055). James K. Miller, Eric Carranza, Dale R. Stanbridge and Bobby G. Williams.
-Orion Navigation Sensitivities to Ground Station Infrastructure for Lunar Missions
(AAS 08-056). Joel Getchius, Daniel Kubitschek and Timothy Crain.
-The Next 25 Years of Deep Space tion (AAS 08-057). Tomas J. Martin-Mur, Shyam Bhaskaran, Robert J. Cesarone and Tim McElrath.
-Guidance, Navigation, and Control System Design in a Mass Reduction Exercise (AAS 08-061). Timothy Crain, Michael Begley, Mark Jackson and Joey Broome.
-Orion On-Board Navigation Architecture and Operations Concepts (AAS 08-062). John L. Good man, Harvey R. Mamich and David W. Saley.
-Trigger Angle Targeting for Orbital Rendezvous (AAS 08-063). David C. Woffinden, M. Ben Rose and David K. Geller.
-Computing 6DoF Relative Position and Attitude Using 2D Image Data
(AAS 08-064). Preston Faiks and Saul Weiss.
-Development of an Analytical Guidance Algorithm for Lunar Descent (AAS 08-065). Christina T. Chomel and Robert H. Bishop.
-Lunar Ascent and Rendezvous Trajectory Design (AAS 08-066). Ronald R. Sostaric and Robert S. Merriam.
-H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) GN&C Design and Verification Results from the Protoflight Testing (AAS 08-067). Hirohiko Uematsu, Toru Kasai, Satoshi Ueda, Keiichi Wada, Noboru Motoyama and Shigeki Hotta.
-Challenges of Roll Orientation with Respect to Vehicle Heading at Touchdown for the Orion Command Module (AAS 08-068). Robert S. Gay and Brian D. Bihari.
-Event Triggers in Linear Covariance Analysis with Applications to Orbital
Rendezvous (AAS 08-069). David K. Geller, M. Ben Rose and David C. Woffinden.
-Orbital Express: Accomplishments and Lessons Learned (AAS 08-071). Fred G. Kennedy, III.
-Three Year Orbital Trim Maneuver Performance of the Cassini Spacecraft Attitude Control Subsystem (AAS 08-072). Brett A. Smith.
-NASA Sounding Rocket Program Attitude Control Systems (AAS 08-073). Philip J. Eberspeaker.
-Manual GN&C Redundancy Management Techniques during ISS Russian
Computer Failures (AAS 08-074). Roscoe Lee and Gregory W. Vajdos.
-Pioneering Technologies of the TacSat-2 Attitude Determination and Control Design (AAS 08-075). Timothy J. Rood and Jason A. Wynn.
-Navigation System for Reusable Launch Vehicle (AAS 08-076). Markus Schlotterer.
-INR Performance of the GOES-13 Spacecraft Measured in Orbit (AAS 08-077). James L. Carr, Bruce Gibbs, Houria Madani and Nate Allen.
-A System for Predicting Close Approaches and Potential Collisions in
Geosynchronous Orbit (AAS 08-086). Miquela C. Vigil and Richard I. Abbot.
-Generic Drag Free Control Simulation - Lessons Learned from Gravity Probe B (AAS 08-011). Ivanka Pelivan, Sara Smoot, David Hipkins and Stephan Theil.
-Integrated Navigation System for the second SHarp Edge Flight Experiment (SHEFEX-2) (AAS 08-012). Stephan Theil, Markus Schlotterer, Michael Conradt and Marcus Hallmann.
-Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle - Control and Simula tion (AAS 08-013). S. Smoot, A. Walsh, I. Pelivan, M. Maat and J. Mester.
-2007 with the Shazbots (AAS 08-015). Jennifer Frazier, Divya Arcot, Max Clark-Rabinowitz, Matt Eastman, Paul Guidas, Scott Kliethermes, Zach Oligschlaeger and Ryan Smith.
-Appendix A:
-Program: 31st Annual AAS Guidance and Control Conference, February 1-6, 2008, Breckenridge, Colorado.
-Appendix B:
-Publications of the American Astronautical Society.
-Advances in the Astronautical Sciences.
-Science and Technology Series.
-AAS History Series.
-Author Index.


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