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-Title: Spaceflight Mechanics 2008 - Part I.
John H. Seago, Beny Neta, Thomas J. Eller, and Frederic J. Pelletier (Edits.).
Univelt, Inc.
24 + 1-1078
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
January 2008.
Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, Volume 130 Part I.

Front Cover

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This volume in two parts presents the proceedings of the 18th Annual AAS/AIAA Spaceflight Mechanics Meeting held in Galveston, Texas, January 27-31, 2008. It includes a CD-ROM.

(Extracted from the Press Release).



-Part I.
-Linear Covariance Analysis Techniques Applied to Orion Cislunar Operations (AAS 08-100). Christopher D’Souza and Fred Clark.
-Performance of an Automated Feature Tracking Lunar Navigation System (AAS 08-101). Michael Osenar, Fred Clark and Christopher D’Souza.
-A Lunar Relay Mission Design and Navigation Initiative Using Existing NASA Resources (AAS 08-102). David C. Folta, Michael A. Mesarch and Ronald Miller.
-Orbit Determination of Satellites in Lunar Orbit Using an Optimal Sequential Filter (AAS 08-103). James Woodburn and John H. Seago.
-Surface Feature Navigation in Low Lunar Orbit (AAS 08-104). Brandon A. Jones.
-Optical Navigation for the Orion Vehicle (AAS 08-105). Joel Getchius, Timothy Crain and Christopher D’Souza.
-KAGUYA (SELENE) Trajectory Reconfiguration Plans Prepared for Anomaly in Translunar Phase (AAS 08-106). Yasuhiro Kawakatsu.
-The Lunar Slingshot — An Electrically Powered Launcher (AAS 08-107). Ronald M. Muller.
-Space Station Zero Propellant Maneuver Flight Results Compared to Eigenaxis (AAS 08-108). Nazareth Bedrossian and Sagar Bhatt.
-A Stable Clock Error Model Using Coupled First- and Second-Order
Gauss-Markov Processes (AAS 08-109). Russell Carpenter and Taesul Lee.
-Adaptive Measurement Covariance for Multi-Input Kalman Filter-Based
Spacecraft Navigation (AAS 08-110). Kevin K. Choi and Blair F. Thompson.
-A General Bang-Bang Control Method for Lorentz Augmented Orbits (AAS 08-111). Brett Streetman and Mason A. Peck.
-Execution-Error Modeling and Analysis of the Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft Through 2007 (AAS 08-113). Sean V. Wagner and Troy D. Goodson.
-Feedback Control Methods to Prevent Unstart in a Hypersonic Inlet (AAS 08-114). John Hatlelid and Maruthi Akella.
-Guidance Evaluation for Mars Precision Landing (AAS 08-115). Craig A. Kluever.
-A Non-Linear Optimization Algorithm (AAS 08-116). Prashant Patel and Daniel Scheeres.
-Initial Lagrange Multipliers for the Shooting Method (AAS 08-117). David G. Hull.
-Initialization of Real-Time Optimal Control (AAS 08-118). Hui Yan and Kyle T. Alfriend.
-Designing Iterative Learning Controllers from Limited Pulse Response Data (AAS 08-119). Anil P. Chinnan and Rich ard W. Longman.
-Implementing Linear Iterative Learning Control Laws in Nonlinear Systems (AAS 08-120). Richard W. Longman and Katja D. Mombaur.
-Feedback Concept Using Controlled Virtual Point Following (AAS 08-121). Sergey V. Drakunov.
-Persistence Filters for Non-Feedback Linearizable Systems with Time-Varying Control Gains (AAS 08-122). S. Srikant and M. R. Akella.
-The Advantages and Disadvantages of Kalman Filtering in Iterative Learning Con trol (AAS 08-123). Benjamas Panomruttanarug and Richard W. Longman.
-An Analysis of the Transient Collision Threat with Orbital Debris Resulting
from the Feng Yun 1C Intercept (AAS 08-124). Robert (Lauchie) Scott.
-Close Approach Prediction Analysis of the Earth Science Constellation with the Fengyun-1C Debris (AAS 08-125). Matthew Duncan and David K. Rand.
-Investigating Orbital Debris Events using Numerical Methods with Full
Force Model Orbit Propagation (AAS 08-126). Timothy Carrico, John Carrico, Lisa Policastri and Mike Loucks.
-Analysis of the Response of a Space Surveillance Network to Orbital Debris Events (AAS 08-127). David Finkleman, Daniel L. Oltrogge, Anthony Faulds and Joseph Gerber.
-The 2007 Chinese ASAT Test – Implications to the Impact of Space Warfare on the LEO Environment (AAS 08-128). David Talent.
-A Study of the Relative Velocities of Small Particles that are Orbiting the Earth (AAS 08-129). Cláudia C. Celestino, Othon C. Winter and Antonio F. B. de A. Prado.
-Analysis and Management of 2006 and 2007 Periodic Conjunctions Between CNES Satellites (AAS 08-130). Stéphanie Delavault, Laurence Lorda and Alain Lamy.
-Space Debris Analysis of Low-Thrust Transfer Maneuver from LEO to GEO for a Large Structure (AAS 08-131). Yu Takahashi.
-Experimental Study and Analysis on Three Dimensional Reaction Wheel for Microsatellites (AAS 08-132). Yoji Shirasawa and Yuichi Tsuda.
-On-Ground Attitude and Torque Reconstruction for the Gaia Mission (AAS 08-133). Malak A. Samaan and Stephan Theil.
-On the Attitude Propagation of an Axisymmetric Satellite (AAS 08-137). A. Pizarro-Rubio and J. Peláez.
-Potential Approach for Constrained Autonomous Manoeuvres of a Spacecraft Equipped with a Cluster of Control Moment Gyros (AAS 08-138). Giulio Avanzini, Gianmarco Radice and Imran Ali.
-On Single-Wheel Configured Spacecraft and the Attitude Stability Revisited (AAS 08-139). Jun’ichiro Kawaguchi, Akifumi Kitajima, Osamu Mori and Kenichi Shirakawa.
-Spin-Axis Attitude Determination from Earth-Chord-Angle Variations for
Geostationary Satellites (AAS 08-220). Jozef C. van der Ha and Frank L. Janssens.
-An Attempt for Regularization and Formation Flight Expression Along
Two-Body Motion (AAS 08-140). Ryu Funase and Jun’ichiro Kawaguchi.
-Optimal Geostationary Satellite Collocation (AAS 08-141). Igor Beigelman and Pini Gurfil.
-Explicit Predictive Control Law for Satellite Formation Flying in Eccentric
Orbits (AAS 08-142). Vincent Simard Bilodeau and Jean de Lafontaine.
-Formation Flying Implications of the Recoil Effects from Wireless Power
Transfer (AAS 08-143). Andrew E. Turner.
-Non linear Optimization of Low-Thrust Trajectory for Satellite Forma tion:
Legendre Pseudospectral Approach (AAS 08-144). Baolin Wu, Danwei Wang, Guangyan Xu and Hang Yue.
-Dynamics and Control of Satellite Formations Using a Quasi-Rigid Body
Formulation (AAS 08-145). Christopher Blake and Arun K. Misra.
-Robust Control Law for Forma tion Flying Satellite in Eccentric Orbits
(AAS 08-146). Philippe Brazeau, Vincent Simard Bilodeau, Aymeric Kron and Jean de Lafontaine.
-Stability of Tethered Satellites Using Floquet Theory for a Non-Equilibrium Reference (AAS 08-148). Jean H. Slane and Steven Tragesser.
-Orbit-Nadir Aligned Coulomb Tether Reconfiguration Analysis (AAS 08-149). Arun Natarajan and Hanspeter Schaub.
-Numerical Model Development and Verification for the Dynamics of an
Electrodynamic Tether System (AAS 08-150). Joshua R. Ellis and Christopher D. Hall.
-Non linear Attitude Dynamics and Control for Satellite Tethered Formation Flying in Three-Dimensional Free Space (AAS 08-151). Insu Chang, Sang-Young Park and Kyu-Hong Choi.
-Effects of Libration on General Electrodynamic Tether Orbital Maneuvers
(AAS 08-152). Nickolas Sabey and Steven Tragesser.
-Simple Control Laws for Self-Balanced Electrodynamic Tethers (AAS 08-153). Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo and Jesus Peláez.
-Alternating Directional Implicit Method Enhanced Nonlinear Filtering
(AAS 08-154). Jangho Yoon and Yunjun Xu.
-A Gaussian function Network for Uncertainty Propagation through Nonlinear Dynamical System (AAS 08-155). Puneet Singla and Tarunraj Singh.
-Application of the Backwards Smoothing Extended Kalman Filter to Orbit
Estimation (AAS 08-156). Zachary J. Folcik and Paul J. Cefola.
-Orbit Gravity Error Covariance (AAS 08-157). James R Wright, James Wood burn, Son Truong and William Chuba.
-Sample Orbit Covariance Function and Filter-Smoother Consistency Tests (AAS 08-159). James R Wright, James Wood burn, Son Truong and William Chuba.
-Orbit Determination Using GPS Including Perturbations Due to Geopotential Coefficients of High Degree and Order and Solar Radiation Pressure (AAS 08-160). Rodolpho Vilhena de Moraes, Paula Cristiane P. Raimundo and Helio K. Kuga.
-Orbit Covariance Inner Integrals with Polynomials (AAS 08-161). James R Wright, James Woodburn, Son Truong and William Chuba.
-A High Order Method for Estimation of Dynamic Systems, Part I : Theory
(AAS 08-162). Manoranjan Majji, James D. Turner and John L. Junkins.
-Inertia Parameter Experimental Estimation of a Satellite Simulator (AAS 08-163). Luiz Carlos Gadelha DeSouza.
-Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satel lite Orbit Determination
Accuracy Improvement (AAS 08-164). Yoola Hwang, Byoung-Sun Lee, Hae-Yeon Kim and Jaehoon Kim.
-Optimal Integrated Attitude and State Estimation for Lunar Descent to Landing Navigation (AAS 08-165). Renato Zanetti and Robert H. Bishop.
-Optimal Autonomous Manoeuvre Planning for Spacecraft Formation Flying – Position Assignment (AAS 08-166). Ross Burgon, Peter C. E. Roberts and Finn Ankersen.
-Simple Satellite Orbit Propagator (AAS 08-167). Pini Gurfil.
-Navigation Analysis to Facilitate Precision Decent Navigation for Landing at the Moon (AAS 08-168). Kyle J. DeMars and Robert H. Bishop.
-Time Varying Eigensystem Realization Algorithm with Repeated Experiments (AAS 08-169). Manoranjan Majji and John L. Junkins.


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