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-Title: Astrodynamics 2007 - Part III.
Ronald J. Proulx, Thomas F. Starchville, Jr., R. D. Burns, Daniel J. Scheeres (Edits.).
Univelt, Inc.
24 + 1913-2865
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
April 30, 2008.
Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, Volume 129 Part III.

Front Cover

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This volume in three parts presents the proceedings of the 2007 Astrodynamics Specialist Conference held in Mackinac Island, Michigan, August 19-23, 2007. It includes a CD-ROM.

(Extracted from the Foreword).



-Part III
-STEREO Overview and History (AAS 07-373). Peter J. Sharer, Andrew Driesman, David W. Dunham and Jose J. Guzmán.
-STEREO Launch Windows (AAS 07-374). Jose J. Guzmán, Peter J. Sharer, David W. Dunham and Henry D. Friessen.
-STEREO Separation and ΔV Monte Carlo Analyses (AAS 07-376). Jose J. Guzmán, Peter J. Sharer and David W. Dunham.
-STEREO First Orbit and Early Operations (AAS 07-377). Daniel A. Ossing, David W. Dunham, Jose J. Guzmán, Gene A. Heyler, John E. Eichstedt and Henry D. Friessen.
-STEREO Maneuver Implementation (AAS 07-378). John W. Hunt, Jr., J. Courtney Ray, John E. Eichstedt and Hongxing S. Shapiro.
-STEREO Phasing Orbits (AAS 07-379). David W. Dunham, Jose J. Guzmán, Peter J. Sharer and Zane L. Nitskorski.
-Benefits of Adaptive Schemes for Trajectory Optimization (AAS 07-380). Luis Rodriguez, Benjamin Villac and Athanasios Sideris.
-Computation of Boundary Controls Using a Gauss Pseudospectral Method, (AAS 07-381). Geoffrey T. Huntington, David A. Benson, Jonathan P. How, Nicole Kanizay, Christopher Darby and Anil V. Rao.
-Satellite Rendezvous Tours Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization, (AAS 07-382). Theodore R. Stodgell and David B. Spencer.
-Optimal Strategies in Cooperative Games With Terminal Payoff (AAS 07-384). Rajnish Sharma, John E. Hurtado and Srinivas R. Vadali.
-Simulation on a Budget (AAS 07-385). Andrew Colombi.
-A First Order Forensic Analysis of China’s Recent Anti-Satellite Test
(AAS 07-387). Johannes M. Hacker.
-Uncertainty Characterization of Orbital Debris Using Simulated Space
Surveillance Network Measurements (AAS 07-388). Jolanta Matusewicz and Kamesh Subbarao and Joe Frisbee.
-Uncertainty Characterization of Orbital Debris Using the Extended Kalman Filter (AAS 07-389). Jolanta Matusewicz, Kamesh Subbarao and Joe Frisbee.
-Improvement of the Two-Line Element Accuracy Assessment Based on a
Mixture of Gaussian Laws (AAS 07-390). Paul Legendre, Romain Garmier, G. Prat, Bruno Revelin and Stéphanie Delavault.
-Solar Radiation Pressure Estimation and Analysis of a GEO Class of High Area-to-Mass Ratio Debris Objects (AAS 07-391). Tom Kelecy, Tim Payne, Robin Thurston and Gene Stansbery.
-SubVolumes in Dynamical Systems and the Tracking of Space Debris
(AAS 07-392). J. M. Maruskin, D. J. Scheeres and A. M. Bloch.
-Beta Conjunction Analysis Tool (AAS 07-393). Salvatore Alfano.
-Space Vehicle Conflict Probability for Ellipsoidal Conflict Volumes (AAS 07-394). Russell P. Patera.
-GAME: Guidance with Avoidance During Maneuver Elaboration, (AAS 07-395). Nicolas Théret, Jean-François Aubrun, Gérard Lassalle-Balier,
Isabelle Sebbag, Nicolas Descouvemont and Christian Delacroix.
-Innovative Non linear Predictive Control of Spacecraft Improved by
Disturbance Observer (AAS 07-396). Frederic Claveau and Jean deLafontaine.
-On the Implementation of Spacecraft Hovering Under Reduced-Order
Dead-Band Control (AAS 07-397). Stephen B. Broschart and Daniel J. Scheeres.
-Singularity Avoidance of Control Moment Gyros Using Optimization of Initial Gimbal Angles and Application to Multi Target Pointing for Satellite Attitude Control (AAS 07-398). Yasuyuki Nanamori, Masaki Takahashi, Shigemune Taniwaki, Kazuo Yoshida and Yoshiaki Ohkami.
-Preliminary Orbit Determination for Orbital Rendezvous Using Gauss’
Method (AAS 07-399). Bryan E. Bingham and David K. Geller.
-Observability of Multi-Satellite Systems (AAS 07-400). Wei Kang, I. Michael Ross, Khanh Pham and Qi Gong.
-The Road to Autonomous Orbital Rendezvous (AAS 07-401). David C. Woffinden and David K. Geller.
-Observability Criteria for Angles-Only Navigation (AAS 07-402). David C. Woffinden and David K. Geller.
-A Decentralized Attitude Control for Spacecraft Formation Flying Via the
State-Dependent Riccati Equation Technique (AAS 07-403). Insu Chang, Sang-Young Park and Kyu-Hong Choi.
-Controlled Orbital Dynamics of Low Altitude Forma tions by Means of
Electrical Propulsion (AAS 07-404). Giovanni B. Palmerini, Marco Sabatini, Daniele Pavarin and Marco Manente.
-Optimal Multiple-Impulsive Reconfiguration Trajectories of Satellite
Formation Flying (AAS 07-405). Dong-Yoon Kim, Byoungsam Woo, Sang-Young Park and Kyu-Hong Choi.
-Model Predictive Control of Vehicle Formations (AAS 07-406). Jonathan S. Barlow and Minh Q. Phan.
-Adaptive Predictive Control of Vehicle Formations With Obstacle Avoidance, (AAS 07-407). Jonathan S. Barlow and Minh Q. Phan.
-Flight Dynamics and Control of the JC2SAT Mission (AAS 07-410). Balaji Shankar Kumar, Al fred Ng and Keisuke Yoshihara.
-A Series Solution Method for the Solution of the Hamilton Jacobi Isaacs
Equation and its Applications to Aerospace Systems (AAS 07-411). Rajnish Sharma, John E. Hurtado and Srinivas R. Vadali.
-Optimal Nonlinear Feedback Controller Design Using a Waypoint Scheme (AAS 07-412). Rajnish Sharma, Srinivas R. Vadali and John E. Hurtado.
-Optimal Earth Escape Using Soyuz Launches from Kourou (AAS 07-414).
Jose Manuel Sánchez Pérez.
-Improved Orbit Transfer Switching Function Analysis by an Extended
Frequency Study (AAS 07-416). Brian Jamison and Victoria Coverstone.
-Correct Modeling of the Indirect Term for Third Body Perturbations (AAS 07-417). Matthew M. Berry and Vincent T. Coppola.
-Third-Body Perturbation in the Case of Elliptic Orbits for the Disturbing Body (AAS 07-420). Rita de Cássia Domingos, Rodolpho Vilhena de Moraes, Antonio Fernando Bertachini de Almeida Prado.
-Stability Analysis of the Attitude of Artificial Satellites Subject to Gravity
Gradient Torque (AAS 07-421). Rodolpho Vilhena de Moraes, Regina Elaine Santos Cabette, Maria Cecília Zanardi and Teresinha J. Stuchi.
-Earth Satellite Orbits as KAM Tori (AAS 07-423). William E. Wiesel.
-Optimal Path Planning for Spacecraft Forma tion Flying: Planning Architecture and Operations (AAS 07-424). Ross Burgon, Jennifer A. Roberts and Peter C. E. Roberts.
-Optimal Visitation Order for Spacecraft Servicing Missions (AAS 07-425). Brian J. Wadsley and Robert G. Melton.
-Potential for Tsunami Detection and Early-Warning Using Space-Based
Passive Microwave Radiometry (AAS 07-426). Rebecca G. Myers, John E. Draim and Paul J. Cefola.
-On the Fundamental Frequencies of Satellite Relative Motion and Control of Formations (AAS 07-427). S. R. Vadali, P. Sengupta, H. Yan and K. T. Alfriend.
-Understaning Maneuver Uncertainties During Inclination Maneuvers of the
Aqua Spacecraft (AAS 07-428). David P. McKinley.
-Stardust Earth Return Orbit Determination (AAS 07-429). Darren T. Baird, Moriba Jah, David Jeffer son, Brian Kennedy, George Lewis, Tomas Martin-Mur, Tim McElrath, Neil Mottinger, Sumita Nandi and Paul F. Thompson.
-Free Flying External Occulter Mission Design, Simulation, and Analysis,
(AAS 07-430). Ian J. E. Jordan.
-Space: Journeying Toward the Future (AAS 07-431) (Abstract Only) Roger D. Launius.
-Publications of the American Astronautical Society.
-Advances in the Astronautical Sciences.
-Science and Technology Series.
-AAS History Series.
-Numerical Index.
-Author Index.


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