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-Title: Space Shuttle Main Engine: The First Twenty Years and Beyond. Vol. 29.
Robert E. Biggs (Edit.).
Univelt, Inc.
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
AAS History Series Volume 29.
0877035474 (soft cover).

Front Cover

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This 30 year history was expanded from an earlier Americal Astronautical Society publication, "Space Shuttle Main Engine: The First Ten Years," an article appearing as Chapter 4 in History of Liquid Rocket Engine Development in the United States, 1955-1980, AAS History Series, Volume 13, San Diego: Univelt, 1992.

(Extracted from the editorial information).



-PART I. The First Ten Years.
-Chapter 1. The Engine.
-Chapter 2. The Beginning.
-Chapter 3. The Requirements.
-Chapter 4. The Obstacles.
-Chapter 5. The Goals.
-Chapter 6. The First Flight.
-PART II. The Second Decade.
-Chapter 7. The Glory of Columbia.
-Chapter 8. Full Power Level Moratorium.
-Chapter 9. Full Power Level Development.
-Chapter 10. Full Power Level Certification.
-Chapter 11. Program Reassessment and Realignment.
-Chapter 12. Phase II Development.
-Chapter 13. Phase I Flight Program.
-Chapter 14. The Tragedy of Challenger.
-Chapter 15. Return to Flight.
-Chapter 16. Building Margin.
-PART III. Beyond the Second Decade.
-Chapter 17. Beyond the Second Decade: Summary.
-Appendix A. Space Shuttle Main Engine Management History.
-Appendix B. Space Shuttle Launch and Landing History.
-Appendix C. Acronyms and Abbreviations.
-Appendix D. List of Illustrations.
-Appendix E. References The First Ten Years.
-Appendix F. References The Second Decade and Beyond.


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