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-Title: History of Rocketry and Astronautics. Vol. 28.
Frank H. Winter (Edit.).
Univelt, Inc.
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
January 2007.
AAS History Series Volume 28.
9780877035398 (hard cover), 9780877035404 (soft cover).

Front Cover

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This volume of the Proceedings of the 33rd History Symposium contains 22 papers that were presented in three sessions of the IAA Symposium held during October 4-8, 1999, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Symposium was held in conjuction with the 50th Astronautical Congress, organized by the International Astronautical Federation.

(Extracted from the editorial information).



-PART I. Memoirs of Aerospace Pioneers.
-Chapter 1. Dr. Irene Sänger-Bredt: A Life for Astronautics, Nicolae-Florin Zăgănescu, George Popa, Rodica Zăgănescu and Lucia Popa.
-Chapter 2. John Leland Atwood: Biographical Memoir, Shirley Thomas.
-Remembering Shirley Thomas.
-PART II. Pre-World War II to World War II.
-Chapter 3. Liquid Propellant Engines in the Soviet Union, Christian Lardier.
-Chapter 4. The True Beginnings of French Astronautics 1938-1959 (Part 1), Philippe Jung.
-Chapter 5. Evolution of Asphalt Rocket Propellants from World War II JPL/Aerojet Research to Postwar Spin-Offs by the Rocket Research
Institute. George S. James, Charles J. Piper III, Frank H. Winter and John Bluth.
-Chapter 6. The Shusui Japanese Rocket Fighter in World War II, Yasunori Matogawa.
-PART III. Post-World War II to the 1950s.
-Chapter 7. The East Parking Lot Rocket Experiments of North American Aviation, Inc., 1946-1949, Frank H. Winter.
-Chapter 8. History of French Sounding Rockets Part I: Véronique and Vesta—Their Development and Operation, Christophe Rothmund, Hervé Moulin, J. J. Serra and Jean Louis Lafon.
-Chapter 9. The Netherlands in Space: How it all Began, Henk Olthof and Jan H. De Koomen.
-Chapter 10. Flight Termination of the First Large Solid Propellant Rockets, Julius H. Braun.
-Chapter 11. Black Prince, Douglas Millard.
-Chapter 12. The Question of the Artificial Satellite in the Mid-1950s: French Scientists and Their Approach, Hervé Moulin.
-PART IV. The Space Age.
-Chapter 13. History of Commercial Satellite Services Industry, Linda Williams, Max Engel and Hans ten Cate.
-Chapter 14. “RD & PE Zvezda” JSC: A History of the Creation of the Russian Spacesuits, Escape and Life Support Means for Space
Vehicle and Space Station Crews, G. I. Severin, I. P. Abramov, M. N. Doudnik and V. I. Svertshek.
-Chapter 15. The Effect of Gravity-Propelled Interplanetary Space Travel
on the Exploration of the Solar System: Historical Survey, 1961 to 2000,
Richard L. Dowling, William J. Kosmann, Michael A. Minovitch and Rex W. Ridenoure.
-Chapter 16. The First French Experiences of Space Biology During
Parabolic Flights, Alexandre-Claude Timsit, Gérard Chatelier and Hervé Moulin.
-Chapter 17. A Little-Known Project of a Super-Heavy Space Rocket, S. N. Konyukhov, O. I. Drobakhin and V. A. Pashchenko.
-Chapter 18. Scientific Experiences Using Argentinean Sounding Rockets in Antarctica, Miguel Sánchez-Peña.
-Chapter 19. Recovering Rockets from the Desert: Exercises in Retrieving Australia’s Space Heritage from the Simpson Desert, Roger Henwood and Kerrie Dougherty.
-PART V. Space Age Perspectives.
-Chapter 20. On the Connectivity Between the French and Hamiltonian
Approaches to Celestial Mechanics, Peter M. Bainum.
-Chapter 21. Apollo Thirtieth Anniversary: Two Views – Part 1: Was the Apollo Program a “Dead End?”, Marsha Freeman.
-Chapter 22. Apollo Thirtieth Anniversary: Two Views – Part 2: Project Apollo in American Memory and Myth, Roger D. Launius.


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