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-Title: Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Volume 46, 2008.
John Kormendy; Ewine Van Dishoek; Roger Blandford (Edit.).
Annual Reviews, Inc.
B/W and color photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
September 30, 2008.
-ISBN: 0824309464

Front Cover

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The Editorial Committee meeting for Volume 45 was held in Austin, Texas, on April 1, 2006.

(Extracted from the preface).




-A Serendipitous Journey. Alexander Dalgarno.
-The Growth Mechanisms of Macroscopic Bodies in Protoplanetary Disks. Jürgen Blum, and Gerhard Wurm.
-Water in the Solar System. Thérèse Encrenaz.
-Supernova Remnants at High Energy. Stephen P. Reynolds.
-The Crab Nebula: An Astrophysical Chimera. J. Jeff Hester.
-Pulsating White Dwarf Stars and Precision Asteroseismology. D.E. Winget, and S.O. Kepler.
-The Spitzer View of the Extragalactic Universe. Baruch T. Soifer, George Helou, and Michael Werner.
-Neutron-Capture Elements in the Early Galaxy. Christopher Sneden, John J. Cowan, and Roberto Gallino.
-Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Molecules. A.G.G.M. Tielens.
-Evolution of Debris Disks. Mark C. Wyatt.
-Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe. Joshua A. Frieman, Michael S. Turner, and Dragan Huterer.
-Spectropolarimetry of Supernovae. Lifan Wang, and J. Craig Wheeler.
-Nuclear Activity in Nearby Galaxies. Luis C. Ho.
-The Double Pulsar. M. Kramer, and I.H. Stairs.


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