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-Title: Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Volume 37, 2009.
Raymond Jeanloz; Katherine H. Freeman (Edit.).
Annual Reviews, Inc.
B/W and color photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
May 31, 2009.
-ISBN: 0824320379

Front Cover

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Volume 37 is one of the most diverse that the Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences has published to date.

(Extracted from the preface).




-Preface by Raymond Jeanloz
-Where Are You From? Why Are You Here? An African Perspective on Global Warming. S. George Philander.
-Stagnant Slab: A Review. Yoshio Fukao, Masayuki Obayashi, and Tomoeki Nakakuki.
-Radiocarbon and Soil Carbon Dynamics. Susan Trumbore.
-Evolution of the Genus Homo. Ian Tattersall, and Jeffrey H. Schwartz.
-Feedbacks, Timescales, and Seeing Red. Gerard Roe.
-Atmospheric Lifetime of Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide. David Archer, Michael Eby, Victor Brovkin, Andy Ridgwell, Long Cao, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Ken Caldeira, Katsumi Matsumoto, Guy Munhoven, Alvaro Montenegro, and Kathy Tokos.
-Evolution of Life Cycles in Early Amphibians. Rainer R. Schoch.
-The Fin to Limb Transition: New Data, Interpretations, and Hypotheses from Paleontology and Developmental Biology. Jennifer A. Clack.
-Mammalian Response to Cenozoic Climatic Change. Jessica L. Blois, and Elizabeth A. Hadly.
-Forensic Seismology and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. David Bowers, and Neil D. Selby.
-How the Continents Deform: The Evidence From Tectonic Geodesy. Wayne Thatcher.
-The Tropics in Paleoclimate. John C.H. Chiang.
-Rivers, Lakes, Dunes, and Rain: Crustal Processes in Titan's Methane Cycle. Jonathan I. Lunine, and Ralph D. Lorenz.
-Planetary Migration: What Does It Mean for Planet Formation? John E. Chambers.
-The Tectonic Framework of the Sumatran Subduction Zone. Robert McCaffrey.
-Microbial Transformations of Minerals and Metals: Recent Advances in Geomicrobiology Derived from Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Spectroscopy and X-Ray Microscopy. Alexis Templeton, and Emily Knowles.
-The Channeled Scabland: A Retrospective. Victor R. Baker.
-Growth and Evolution of Asteroids. Erik Asphaug.
-Thermodynamics and Mass Transport in Multicomponent, Multiphase H2O Systems of Planetary Interest. Xinli Lu, and Susan W. Kieffer.
-The Hadean Crust: Evidence from >4 Ga Zircons. T. Mark Harrison.
-Tracking Euxinia in the Ancient Ocean: A Multiproxy Perspective and Proterozoic Case Study. Timothy W. Lyons, Ariel D. Anbar, Silke Severmann, Clint Scott, and Benjamin C. Gill.
-The Polar Deposits of Mars. Shane Byrne.
-Shearing Melt Out of the Earth: An Experimentalist's Perspective on the Influence of Deformation on Melt Extraction. David L. Kohlstedt, and Benjamin K. Holtzman.


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