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-Title: Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Volume 36, 2008.
Raymond Jeanloz; Arden L. Albee; Kevin C. Burke; Katherine H. Freeman (Edit.).
Annual Reviews, Inc.
B/W and color photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
May 2008.
-ISBN: 0824320360

Front Cover

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The Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences is complemented by numerous articles appearing in neighboring series.

(Extracted from the preface).




-Preface by Raymond Jeanloz
-The Rest of the Solar System. Margaret Galland Kivelson.
-Abrupt Climate Changes: How Freshening of the Northern Atlantic Affects the Thermohaline and Wind-Driven Oceanic Circulations. Marcelo Barreiro, Alexey Fedorov, Ronald Pacanowski, and S. George Philander.
-Geodynamic Significance of Seismic Anisotropy of the Upper Mantle: New Insights from Laboratory Studies. Shun-ichiro Karato, Haemyeong Jung, Ikuo Katayama, and Philip Skemer.
-The History and Nature of Wind Erosion in Deserts. Andrew S. Goudie.
-Groundwater Age and Groundwater Age Dating. Craig M. Bethke, and Thomas M. Johnson.
-Diffusion in Solid Silicates: A Tool to Track Timescales of Processes Comes of Age. Sumit Chakraborty.
-Spacecraft Observations of the Martian Atmosphere. Michael D. Smith.
-Crinoid Ecological Morphology. Tomasz K. Baumiller.
-Oceanic Euxinia in Earth History: Causes and Consequences. Katja M. Meyer, and Lee R. Kump.
-The Basement of the Central Andes: The Arequipa and Related Terranes. Victor A. Ramos.
-Modeling the Dynamics of Subducting Slabs. Magali I. Billen.
-Geology and Evolution of the Southern Dead Sea Fault with Emphasis on Subsurface Structure. Zvi Ben-Avraham, Zvi Garfunkel, and Michael Lazar.
-The Redox State of Earth's Mantle. Daniel J. Frost, and Catherine A. McCammon.
-The Seismic Structure and Dynamics of the Mantle Wedge. Douglas A. Wiens, James A. Conder, and Ulrich H. Faul.
-The Iron Isotope Fingerprints of Redox and Biogeochemical Cycling in Modern and Ancient Earth. Clark M. Johnson, Brian L. Beard, and Eric E. Roden.
-The Cordilleran Ribbon Continent of North America. Stephen T. Johnston.
-Rheology of the Lower Crust and Upper Mantle: Evidence from Rock Mechanics, Geodesy, and Field Observations. Roland Bürgmann, and Georg Dresen.
-The Postperovskite Transition. Sang-Heon Shim.
-Coastal Impacts Due to Sea-Level Rise. Duncan M. FitzGerald, Michael S. Fenster, Britt A. Argow, and Ilya V. Buynevich.


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