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-Title: Societal Impact of Spaceflight.
Steven J. Dick, Roger D. Launius (Edits).
B/W and colour photos and graphics.
-Publication Date:
August 13, 2009.
-ISBN: 0160801907

Front Cover

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Since the dawn of spaceflight, advocates of a robust space effort have argued that human activity beyond Earth makes a significant difference in everyday life. Assertions abound about the “impact” of spaceflight on society and its relationship to the larger contours of human existence.

Fifty years after the Space Age began, it is time to examine the effects of spaceflight on society in a historically rigorous way. Has the Space Age indeed had a significant effect on society? If so, what are those influences? What do we mean by an “impact” on society? And what parts of society? Conversely, has society had any effect on spaceflight? What would be different had there been no Space Age? The purpose of this volume is to examine these and related questions through scholarly research, making use especially of the tools of the historian and the broader social sciences and humanities. Herein a stellar array of scholars does just that, and arrives at sometimes surprising conclusions.

(Extracted from the press release).



-Table of Contents.
-Section 1: Societal Impact of Spaceflight in Context
-Section 2: Turning Point Impacts
-Section 3: Commercial and Economic Impact
-Section 4: Applications Satellites, the Ennvironment, and National Security
-Section 5: Social Impact
-Section 6: Spaceflight, Culture and Ideology.
-Section 7: Afterword.
-About the Authors.
-NASA History Series.


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