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-Title: Mars Analog Research.
Jonathan D.A. Clarke (Edit.).
Univelt, Inc.
12 + 343
B/W graphics and photos.
-Publication Date:
Science and Technology Series, Volume 111.
087703530X (soft cover), 0877035296 (hard cover).

Front Cover

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The human exploration of Mars, both the robotic missions of the past and present and future crewed and robotic missions, can only take place on a foundation of comparative trials, tests, and simulations that investigate every discipline required to achieve the mission goals. That foundation comes broadly under the description of Mars analog research, the theme of the 18 papers in this 111th volume of the American Astronautical Society's Science and technology Series. Includes a CD-ROM.

(Extracted from the Foreword).




-A Multi-Goal Mars Analogue Expedition (Expedition Two) to the Arkaroola
Region, Australia (AAS 06-251) Jonathan D. A. Clarke, Rocky Persaud, Shannon Rupert and the Expedition Two Crew.
-Crew 37 The First Single-University Rotation at MDRS (AAS 06-252) Jan Osburg.
-PR or Perish? Promotion and Outreach Opportunities in Mars Analogue Research (AAS 06-253) Jennifer H. Laing, Reyna Jenkyns and Fathi Karouia.
-Possible Analog Sedimentary and Diagenetic Features for Meridiani Planum Sediments Near Hanksville, Utah: Implications for Martian Field Studies (AAS 06-254) Melissa M. Battler, Jonathan D. A. Clarke and Mario Coniglio.
-Follow the Water: Applying a Mars Exploration Strategy to the Arkaroola Analog Region, South Australia (AAS 06-255) Jennifer Heldmann, Adrian Brown, Jonathan D. A. Clarke, Edward Martinez, Shannon M. Rupert and Matilda Thomas.
-Time Domain Electromagnetics in Mars Analog Environments: Comparing Two Field Studies (AAS 06-256) Joern A. Jernsletten.
-Significance of Remnant Gravel Lags as Landscape Evolution Indicators, Arkaroola Mars Analogue Region Geology (AAS 06-257) Vic Waclawik and Vic Gostin.
-A Dress Rehearsal for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers (AAS 06-258)
Robert C. Anderson, A. F. C. Haldemann, James Dohm and Terry Huntsberger.
-Exploration Radii at the Arkaroola MARS-OZ Site: Implications for Mars
(AAS 06-259) Jonathan D. A. Clarke and David Willson.
-A Field Methodology Approach Between an Earth-Based Remote Science Team and a Planetary-Based Field Crew (AAS 06-260) Stacy T. Sklar and Shannon M. Rupert.
-The Flexibility of Mechanical Counter Pressure Space Suit Gloves (AAS 06-261) J. M. A. Waldie and N. A. Cutler.
-Assessing Teams in Mars Simulation Habitats: Lessons Learned From 2002-2004 (AAS 06-262) Sheryl L. Bishop, Steve Dawson, Nishi Rawat, Kate Reynolds, Rachael Eggins, Kelly Bunzelek.
-To the North Coast of Devon: Collaborative Navigation While Exploring
Unfamiliar Terrain (AAS 06-263) William J. Clancey, Pascal Lee, Charles S. Cockell, Stephen Braham and Mike Shafto.
-Preliminary Study of the Physiological Demands of Mars Analogue
Extravehicular Activity (AAS 06-264) Kenneth S. Dyson and Richard L. Hughson.
-Design, Construction and Test Operations of an Analog Pressurised Planetary Exploration Vehicle (AAS 06-265) Graham A. Mann.
-Euro-MARS: The European Mars Analogue Research Station Project
(AAS 06-266) Bo Maxwell, Frans Blok, Pierre Brulhet, Klaus Totzek, Olivier Walters and Charles Frankel.
-MARS-Oz: A Design For A Simulated Mars Base In The Australian Outback (AAS 06-267) David Willson Jonathan D. A. Clarke and Guy Murphy.
-A Simple Land Use Policy for Mars (AAS 06-268) Charles S. Cockell
-Publications of the American Astronautical Society.
-Advances in the Astronautical Sciences.
-Science and Technology Series.
-AAS History Series.
-Numerical Index.
-Author Index


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